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December 25, 2005

Recap: December 14th Jenny Vaudeville Show

Please pardon the delay; this recap is now in service.

On December 14th, 2005, on a cold night in Williamsburg, a panoply of talented performers and a plethora of stylish and urbane audience members converged at Pete's Candy Store for the Jenny Vaudeville Show.

First, I told some jokes, and announced that we would, as always, have contests and prizes, and that one of the prizes would be this vibrator, which has since gone up in price to $1.99, but which had been priced at sixty-nine cents when someone sent me the link, so I ordered ten as a joke, figuring the order wouldn't go through because of the "pricing error." A week later, I got a box of ten vibrators ($6.90!) in the mail. I still have nine.

I was not yet wearing my Wonder Woman underpants; I decided I'd shed clothing throughout the show until I was ready to fight crime.

Here is what happened then. Photos by Semyon (see the complete set here).

Erin and Her Cello started off the show with her song "At the Zoo."
Listen here.

Comic Carolyn Castiglia not only made us all laugh, but she rapped in Dutch. I don't think there's a recording of that, exactly, but you can read her show recap here.

Allison, Rachel, and Nichelle competed in Comedy Trivia (2 points for a correct answer, 1 point or an arbitrary fraction thereof for an incorrect but funny answer). Rachel won a DVD, clinching the victory by answering "What happened to Rose of Sharon's dead baby in The Grapes of Wrath?" with "It died?" for seven-eighths of a point.

Rachel Kramer Bussel, erotica author extraordinaire, read her story "Doing the Dishes." Doing the dishes now turns all of us on. What are we supposed to do about that?
Here's her recap.

The Rob and Mark Show regaled us with musical comedy, including "The Blog Song," which highly amused the bloggers in the audience, including Nichelle, GirlyNYC, and Jessica Cutler.
Listen to the Blog Song here.

Somewhere in here, the "Guess the Author" contest was won by publicist Matt Caldecutt, who was the first to shout out "Ben Franklin!" as I read from an essay about how the speaker, Franklin, maintained his austere lifestyle by eating only porridge for breakfast, without even tea, but then his wife got all fancy on him and got him a silver porridge-bowl -- clearly the first step on the path to debauchery and licentiousness.

Monologuist Syd Bernstein performed The Sydney T. Bernstein's One-Man Show and One-Man Tell Christmas Special.
Read the text here.

Tony, Syd, and Mike competed in the first-ever Jenny Vaudeville "Math-Off," speed-answering questions like "What's five-sixths times ten elevenths?" and "If you have five ironic t-shirts, three pairs of dirty jeans, and the option to wear or not wear an ironic hat, how many different outfits could you create?" Syd won the vibrator.

Somewhere around this time, photographer Semyon went home. Brian Van was on hand to capture the next act (and to take the entire set of photos I previously blogged -- see them again here).

And, the finale! The Dartmouth Cords, an a capella group on tour during their holiday break from college, rushed into the room, utterly filling the diminutive stage. They even performed a comedy sketch in between songs. Quoth Jessica Cutler: "I felt all 'Mrs. Robinson' around those young boys."
Listen here.

By this point, I was down to my Wonder Woman underpants, but you've already seen those photos. I hear the party went on after I left around 1am. I was exhausted, but extraordinarily pleased. I put some pants back on and headed into the cold.

Next show: Wednesday, January 11th, 10pm, Pete's Candy Store. Featuring Zeroboy (the human sound-effects man!), musical comedy by Rachael Parenta, ventriloquism by Carla Rhodes, special musical guest The Two Man Gentlemen Band, and glass-walking and other circus tricks by the beautiful and deadly Pyrate Sisters.

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