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October 27, 2005

I did a set at The Social tonight. I came in right towards the end (I left work as early as I could, but I still didn’t arrive until the last quarter of the show), the producer pointed at me and mouthed “You’re next!”, and I was on stage five minutes later. Then the show ended, I met a couple of fabulous comics (shout-outs: Katina! Billy! Nick!) and re-encountered some more fabulous comics of previous acquaintanceship (Laura! Jenny!) and I was out of there with a total time usage of perhaps forty minutes. That’s efficiency!

I just received an email from the producers of the Laughing Liberally comedy show I am doing November 1st. The email said “Hope you’re well. The exact time you’re performing is below… You will be performing at 10:09pm on Nov 1st.”

That is one finely-crafted precision instrument of a show.


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