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Games and Philosophy and Bronzer

June 24, 2008

dziura-jennifer.jpgI have been informed that I appear not once, but twice, with my name spelled two different ways, in this amNY article: Bars that mix drinking and games.

I also appear, along with this small, highly tanned photo, in Dartmouth Life.  

The Chelsea Mind Games show mentioned in the first article has recently set itself up on MySpace, but is sadly friendless, so please feel free to befriend Chelsea Mind Games if you are so inclined.


One Response to “Games and Philosophy and Bronzer”

  1. Vicki (Jen's Mom) on June 24th, 2008 5:41 pm

    Long ago you moved to New York, and became “Jenisfamous”,
    comedian, blogger and highly-caffinated spelling bee impresario. You’re there, I’m here and I miss you dearly.

    So,…….it occurs to me to ask. Where’s the rich part, as in ‘rich and famous”? You should have started out as jen@jenisrich& Afterall. the famous part came true.
    One of us needs to be rich, so we can afford to visit more often.

    Rising fuel and airline ticket prices be damned. I know,…….You could start doing shows ON airtline flights (preferably to Virginia Beach). Maybe new jokes about airline crahes, shark infested waters and the philosophy of death. On second thought,……. maybe you should keep your shows on the ground.

    Next time my mind wanders, I’ll check bus ticket prices.
    Miss You!

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