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Saturday’s Man-Pageant: The Contestants

December 4, 2008

The slate of contestants is complete — here are the gentlemen who will be competing in Saturday’s pageant. (Scroll down to previous posts for the invite!)

Davon is a personal trainer, model, and student hailing from St. Albans, Queens. He loves working out, spending time with friends and family, and going out to eat. As his talent, he will be reading an original love poem.


Moises is a rapper, singer, producer, and model from the Lower East Side. He is a graduate of Queens College, has modeled for Colors of Benetton, and has performed in exotic locales from South Beach to Ibiza, Spain. When asked if he’s single, Moises replied that he is “married to the game.” He will perform an original song.


Roosevelt is a model, boxer, wrestler and barber from Browesville in Brooklyn, NY. He is a military veteran who loves baked mac and cheese and reggae. He is in a relationship and is proud of being a young black father who takes care of his two girls. As his talent, he will perform a boxing demonstration.


Gabe, who hails from Brewster, MA, is a musician and a student of photography at SVA. He is single and loves The Weather Girls, the Slip n’ Slide, and modern art. He will be singing and playing acoustic guitar.


Dave is a standup comedian hailing from Queens. In addition to writing, producing, and performing comedy, he also works as an overnight Counselor for Gay and Lesbian Young Adults. He is a married father of five who loves people watching, playing softball and coaching Little League, independent movies with average looking actors, and Vodka Penne. He is a Long Island University graduate with a degree in education and has a new gig teaching comedy to disadvantaged kids. As his talent, he’ll be performing stand-up.


Lorenzo is a writer originally from Port Chester, NY. He majored in political science at SUNY Purchase, is active in politics, and is a writer of scripts, stories, and poetry; as his talent, he’ll be reading a national-award-winning poem.


Michael is a professional singer, dancer, and actor currently working at The Metropolitan Opera and dancing in a show called Nutcracker: Rated R. He will be playing the guitar and singing as his talent.


Nick is a model, singer, and actor from Macomb, Michigan who tours the country as a product specialist for Nissan. He majored in music at Wayne State University and loves spicy food, traveling, adventures, and little kids. After a near-death experience six years ago during which he had to learn to walk again after being hospitalized for three months, he is always thankful for the little things in life. He will be singing as his talent.


And … the judges!

(No photos of these very accomplished and lovely women, because, hey, this is the kind of party where the men wax everything they’ve got and the women don’t have to shave their legs if they don’t damn well feel like it).

Twanna Hines is a writer, sociologist and sexpot who has been heard on NPR, written for Nerve, reported on in Glamour, and written about by New York Magazine, Ebony, Jet, Vibe and many more.

Desiree Burch is a comedian, writer and actress and the founder of the Hysterical Festival for women in comedy.

Nichelle Stephens is a blogger, social media strategist and cupcake enthusiast. Like Gisele the supermodel, she loves the Euros, but she prefers to by laid by them instead of paid by them.

Virginia Vitzthum is an expert on online dating and author of the book I Love You, Let’s Meet. She has been heard on NPR and published in Best Sex Writing 2006.

Audacia Ray is an adjunct professor of Human Sexuality at Rutgers University. She has worked as the Executive Editor of $pread magazine and is the author of Naked on the Internet.


6 Responses to “Saturday’s Man-Pageant: The Contestants”

  1. b. freret on December 5th, 2008 1:42 am

    Happy Birthday! Sorry that I’ll miss it (not really), but I do get excited every time I see “Hard, Shiny Objects” (“Quarters, perhaps?” I wonder) but not in that way.

    Regardless, happy birthday!

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