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Today’s Invention

March 26, 2009

fivestars.jpgI developed an invention in my sleep today!  It was basically transplanting eBay’s rating system to cars on the road.  While driving, you could rate other drivers on a 1-5 star basis and “Flag as inappropriate” anyone who was being, well, inappropriate.  And then insurance companies would pay for access to the database, and if your rating went below, say, 2.5 stars, probably an undercover cop would just show up at your house and trail you on your morning commute, waiting for you to fuck up.

Apparently, I don’t think much about whether the penumbra of the Constitution includes a right to privacy as argued by Justice White in Bowers v. Hardwick when I am asleep. 

This is on par with other ideas I’ve had in my sleep, including the one for a comedy show dedicated to maintaining everything the way it is right now; it would be called “Status Quomedy”! I woke up and groaned at myself for that one.


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