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Tom Swiftie Week: It All Ends In -Ly

January 26, 2010

jetmarine.gifIt’s Day Two of Tom Swiftie Week!

To recap, Tom Swifties — named after the titular character in a series of bombastically written novels, as pictured at right — are phrases in which a sentence spoken by “Tom” is paired with an adverbial pun.

So here are a few more of mine. Feel free to post your own in the comments!

  • “I’m sorry for signaling S.O.S. again,” Tom said remorsefully.

  • “This Budwesier will never substitute for a good Chardonnay,” said Tom whinily.

  • “You just poked the quarterback in the eye!” Tom said jocularly.

  • “I’ve figured out just where we can get the raw materials for our wig-making business,” Tom said gravely.

  • “I know how you could help my friends and I make our Three Stooges tribute act just perfect,” Tom said piously.

  • “Look, I’m the Hindu god Shiva!” Tom said handily.


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