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Los Ases

February 24, 2010

I attended a party this evening, and was excited to finally wear the Cuban-heeled stockings I had purchased at least three years ago and never gotten around to deploying. Since my iPhone was already packed snugly in my tiny purse, I pulled out my digital camera, and took this photo:


Here’s the whole deal:


Want to know one of my dress-buying secrets? (I view dresses as investments in my Future of Awesome, and the dresses are the main reason I have renter’s insurance). Go here:

Is there someone in the UK knocking off Victoria Beckham designs and sending them to the US for just $6 shipping? Oh, fuck yes there is. Can you see a preview of each dress in a video, on a runway?! Oh, yes, fuck yes.

Be warned: if you order clothes from the UK, you’ll have to write a check to the UPS man for import duties. My box of English dresses arrived quite dilapidated (just the box, not the dresses), and the check I wrote to the UPS man was equivalent to about 15% the price of the merchandise. I would’ve been incensed at the impediment to global commerce and proposed a NYLFTA (New York London Free Trade Agreement) had not the dresses been so fucking sweet. The Brits know how to tailor. (Other UK shopping news pursuant to my trip to the Fringe last year: If you ever need to buy a raincoat, Scotland is the place!)

So, when I plugged my camera into my laptop to upload these photos, I saw that there were photos from my trip to Mexico that I had never bothered to upload. Here’s me in my hotel room:


Every time I go on vacation, I bring all kinds of “casual” clothes, and then feel an acute lack of gravitas while trying to wear them, and then I find a Zara and buy a blazer. Crisp shoulders really give a girl a little avoirdupois.

And now: here is a store in Mexico City called Fanny Internacional:


And here is a store just down the block called Los Ases:



One Response to “Los Ases”

  1. Bob V on February 25th, 2010 5:03 pm

    I don’t care about fashion at all. That red one looks good enough that you might even talk me into wearing it though.

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