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Bullish: How to Run Your Career Like a Business

March 27, 2011

New on TheGloss: Seven Sentences to Boost Your Career (and Life)

March 20, 2011

Bullish: How to Intelligently Do Many Things at Once

March 12, 2011

And, from the comments:

So… here. I was trying to copy the poses from bodybuilding magazines and had no idea what I was doing.

My biceps stuck around even nearly ten years later, with relatively minimal weightlifting. Although this photo always struck me as a trick of the light.

Um, let’s balance all that out with this:

Upcoming Shows: Boston, New York, Palm Beach

March 7, 2011

This Thursday, March 10 (Boston)

“What Philosophy Majors Do After College” (45 min version)
at the Women in Comedy Festival

“What Philosophy Majors Do After College” is comedian Jennifer Dziura’s one-woman show of hilarity and the greats of Western thought. After graduating from Dartmouth with a degree in philosophy, Jennifer held job titles including office drone, art model, egg donor, subject of medical studies — and finally, comedian. The show includes a humorous overview of the work of nearly twenty philosophers, from Thales to Foucault, accompanied by an aptly collegiate slideshow.

“Dziura’s topic is relatable to most floundering twenty-somethings, especially those of us who decided not to be brokers. Her show has substance, heart, and rapid-fire laughs. It’s a gripping college lecture without a windbag professor.” – Abbi Crutchfield for TheApiary

40 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA
$7/$5 students & seniors

Buy tickets here



This Friday, March 11 (NYC)

Ladybits @ Living Room Comedy
The Living Room at Postmark Cafe

326 6th Street (between 4th & 5th aves)
Park Slope, BK 11215

Take the F train to 7th Ave stop or 4th Ave/9th Street stop
OR Take the R train to 4th Ave/9th Street stop.

Ladybits co-founder Abbi Crutchfield has long been co-hosting New York’s longest running clean comedy show, Living Room Comedy, with Luke Thayer at the Postmark Cafe. This month, Living Room’s shows will feature all-female lineups as Ladybits meets the Living Room in a grand estrogen explosion. Jen will share a brief excerpt from “What Philosophy Majors Do After College.”



Tuesday, March 15 (Palm Beach, FL)

Bullish: How to Use Your Age to Your Advantage (At Any Age)

March 4, 2011