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I’m performing “What Philosophy Majors Do After College” in Boston at Geek Week!

April 22, 2011

Geek Week is a thing! And I am in it! My excitement abounds!

Friday, April 29th

“What Philosophy Majors Do After College”
at Geek Week (Cambridge, MA)

“What Philosophy Majors Do After College” is comedian Jennifer Dziura’s one-woman show of hilarity and the greats of Western thought. After graduating from Dartmouth with a degree in philosophy, Jennifer held job titles including office drone, art model, egg donor, subject of medical studies — and finally, comedian. The show includes a humorous overview of the work of nearly twenty philosophers, from Thales to Foucault, accompanied by an aptly collegiate slideshow.

“Dziura’s topic is relatable to most floundering twenty-somethings, especially those of us who decided not to be brokers. Her show has substance, heart, and rapid-fire laughs. It’s a gripping college lecture without a windbag professor.” – Abbi Crutchfield for TheApiary

40 Prospect St., Cambridge, MA
$10 – Get Tickets!

Jennifer Dziura on Egg Donation in “What Philosophy Majors Do After College” from Jennifer Dziura on Vimeo.

Jennifer Dziura on Trolley Ethics in “What Philosophy Majors Do After College” from Jennifer Dziura on Vimeo.

(For just ten U.S. dollars, you also get to see Aparna Nancherla, who will be performing before me on the mainstage!)

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April 22, 2011

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April 15, 2011

Things I Wrote Can Be Pre-Ordered on Amazon

April 14, 2011

Hey, look! I wrote two sets of 500 GRE flashcards, and also a remedial GMAT English book!

Obviously, these are very specific items. Just thought I’d share.

Cat Would Like to Have a Romantic Dinner With You, in Jacksonville

April 14, 2011

About six months ago, I got an email from a stranger in Florida, asking permission to use this photo in an ad for a speed dating event that would be raising money to help animals. I promptly agreed, and then forgot about it. The event happened in January (at least it was scheduled to; I did not attend and cannot vouch for the speed dating that may or may not have taken place). In any case, my cat is a model!

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April 12, 2011

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April 1, 2011

Something That Happened to Me Yesterday on the 2 Train

April 1, 2011

Man: You look like a movie star!

Me: Um, okay, thanks.

Him: I know who, I know it………….. Adrien Brody!

My BFF Molly suggested that this was a “neg” (a classic seduction technique — google it!), but the guy came off as more of just a crazy person. Awesome.

Also, here are some other things that have happened to me on the subway:

Blasphemy on 42nd St

New York Post style book (or maybe it was the Daily News)

I Hate the One-Man Band

Open Letter to Man on 6 Train With Cameraphone

once you go African-American … shit, nothing rhymes with that

Oh, and this is the best one:

The Human Stain of the MTA