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Interview on SelfHelpless

May 30, 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting the freakishly charismatic Simon Smithson, a writer from Melbourne, Australia, online and then in New York.

Simon writes for The Nervous Breakdown and once spent an entire month posting pictures of American-flag-themed bedspreads to Facebook. Maybe you had to be there.

In any case, Simon asked to interview me for his new project, Self-Helpless, in which he attempts to follow self-help books to the letter — one per month for twelve months. We’ll see how it goes! Here’s the interview:

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My Bullish column has now moved to TheGloss’s sister site, The Grindstone, which focuses on careers and business. I’ll now be writing a lifestyles and self-help column for TheGloss, entitled Bullish Life. Enjoy!

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