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Bullish: 5 (More) Ways to Combat Summer Laziness

July 16, 2012

As I wrote in last week’s Bullish: 5 Ways to Combat Summer Laziness, it’s been a less productive summer for me than I expected, at least so far.

I’m not getting up at the crack of dawn.

In fact, while I shared my exciting and extremely functional to-do list system in Bullish: My To-Do List Revolution, it’s easy to flip through the beautiful artisanal recycled organic macrobiotic bamboo paper (exaggerating a bit) and see that the pages for April are hyperactivity-inducing SOLID BLUE INK of varying thicknesses and fonts (Can you call them “fonts” if they’re you’re own handwriting? I say YES) all seven days of the week, every week. Whereas the pages for the weeks of June and July contain entire days containing nothing but sketches of sunshine. More »


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