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New on TheGloss: Butch Fashion (and Whatever Happened to Lesbians-Until-Graduation?)

May 13, 2010


Introducing: NerdGlam on TheGloss

March 25, 2010

Hello, all! I have a new gig writing about beauty topics over at TheGloss! I wanted to wait until I had a few articles up before posting a big ol’ thing over here. So far:

Photo by Eric Walton. I will give these stockings the what-for.

Los Ases

February 24, 2010

I attended a party this evening, and was excited to finally wear the Cuban-heeled stockings I had purchased at least three years ago and never gotten around to deploying. Since my iPhone was already packed snugly in my tiny purse, I pulled out my digital camera, and took this photo:


Here’s the whole deal:


Want to know one of my dress-buying secrets? (I view dresses as investments in my Future of Awesome, and the dresses are the main reason I have renter’s insurance). Go here:

Is there someone in the UK knocking off Victoria Beckham designs and sending them to the US for just $6 shipping? Oh, fuck yes there is. Can you see a preview of each dress in a video, on a runway?! Oh, yes, fuck yes.

Be warned: if you order clothes from the UK, you’ll have to write a check to the UPS man for import duties. My box of English dresses arrived quite dilapidated (just the box, not the dresses), and the check I wrote to the UPS man was equivalent to about 15% the price of the merchandise. I would’ve been incensed at the impediment to global commerce and proposed a NYLFTA (New York London Free Trade Agreement) had not the dresses been so fucking sweet. The Brits know how to tailor. (Other UK shopping news pursuant to my trip to the Fringe last year: If you ever need to buy a raincoat, Scotland is the place!)

So, when I plugged my camera into my laptop to upload these photos, I saw that there were photos from my trip to Mexico that I had never bothered to upload. Here’s me in my hotel room:


Every time I go on vacation, I bring all kinds of “casual” clothes, and then feel an acute lack of gravitas while trying to wear them, and then I find a Zara and buy a blazer. Crisp shoulders really give a girl a little avoirdupois.

And now: here is a store in Mexico City called Fanny Internacional:


And here is a store just down the block called Los Ases:


The T-Shirt Post

August 12, 2006

Today in a teenage-girl-oriented clothing store in East Harlem, I saw — totally unrelatedly, produced by different brands — a t-shirt that said “I Love My Boyfriend,” and a t-shirt that said “I Love YOUR Boyfriend.”

Rarely do Team Good and Team Questionable square off so evenly. (In the case of Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie, there’s at least room for debate).

Last week in Harlem, I saw an elderly black man in a J-Date t-shirt.

It’s possible he was Jewish and looking for someone.

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Photo (modeling a t-shirt for by Sandy Ackerman

a malicious battle of the sexes need not be waged by consumers of low-end fashions

September 12, 2005

In one day in East Harlem I saw, in a store window, a shirt that said:

Control of
Her boy

…which isn’t even a good acronym, and then a scruffy guy swaggering down the street, illegal open-container in hand, wearing a t-shirt that said:

I lie to girls.

Did I miss an announcement for the “Crappiest Personality Ever” Pageant?

what happens to a dream deferred?

August 14, 2005

When I was in junior high, I would fantasize about noble things, such as winning debating championships, but I would also fantasize about somehow coming up with the princely sum of seventy-five dollars of my very own, and then securing my mother’s permission to spend it on a spiral perm at the salon inside JC Penney at the mall, so my hair would be Much, Much Larger.

I also fantasized about having braces (well, about having had braces, as I hadn’t even had them on yet, and what I really wanted was straight teeth, not the braces themselves), about replacing my big plastic glasses with contact lenses, about being allowed to wear patent-leather pumps to school, and about owning a big-shouldered suit which I would wear with a giant metal belt, all of which would make my hypothetical surfer boyfriend love me.

I think what I really wanted was to look pretty much just like this:

photo by Aeric Meredith-Goujon
And now, I can.

I am so rad.

fashion weirdo (like the chicks who wear high heels with their underwear in the Victoria’s Secret catalog)

August 14, 2005

This is me as a fashion weirdo. You know how you never see anyone in real life wearing, for instance, lots of makeup and a big furry winter hat with ear flaps? It’s just a strangely recurring fashion meme. Just like the “lady who’s wearing a hoodie but clearly not ready for winter.”

by Aeric Meredith-Goujon

"what kind of Mexican would serve this to his worst enemy?"

August 10, 2005

This is from the movie I acted in last weekend, entitled “A Midnight Snack.” It is a humorous short, set in a 1920s speakeasy, about the history of the Ceasar salad. Thanks to actors Topaz G. and Flambeaux for the pics!

I tried for twenty minutes the morning of the shoot to get my nose ring out, but I needed pliers. I showed up on set knowing that the cowboy would have pliers, but the director, Gabrielle, said not to bother; my character, Dottie, was “ahead of her time.”


June 1, 2005

I am in love with my new shoes, and, by extension, with Steve Madden.

I have been on the hunt for the perfect pair of 4-inch heels, as in the advanced age of my mid-twenties, I find myself basically unable to walk in closed-toed pumps.

I am now happily four inches taller and quite sparkly. My birthday is nowhere near, but I am hoping my fairy godmother will send the dark blue ones my way, so I can have the complete collection. (Size 9, fairy godmother, size 9!)

That is all; I will now return to my regularly scheduled marginally intellectual lifestyle.

and maybe now we could make women’s clothing entirely from cufflinks!

April 29, 2005

I’m going to be in a fashion show for La Croix accessories next Tuesday. Here’s a picture from the last show I did for La Croix (the handbag is La Croix; the halter top made of neckties is made by, um … someone who makes halter tops out of neckties).

an ode to the Girdle Factory

April 16, 2005

I’ve been meaning to post this sad missive for awhile now. A few weeks ago, I was in the Girdle Factory mall on Bedford in Williamsburg and noticed the “for rent” sign on the former Girdle Factory vintage shop.

Over the last year, I did three fashion shows for the Girdle Factory, one in their store and two at the Tainted Lady lounge. As the fashion shows became more fabulous, the store developed some great posters featuring a tattooed model in vintage lingerie, and they expanded into selling sex toys. Presciently, though, I never did really see anyone buy anything there.

In any case, the Girdle Factory is gone. Long live the Girdle Factory. And here, in homage, are some previously unreleased photos by Gary Winter of the GF’s first fashion show.