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The Tour: Monday and Tuesday

February 28, 2007

Cross-posted from Molly and Jen’s Tour Blog:

And now, I present you with photographs, in rough chronological order, much like the multiple choice questions on the AP US History exam.

From my show on Monday at New Orleans-themed bar, The Red & The Black:

The Palace of Wonders is a vaudeville and sideshow-themed venue which, amazingly, happens to be directly next door to The Red & The Black, which neither of us knew when we booked our shows. From Molly’s Dr. Sketchy’s on Tuesday at The Palace of Wonders with Amber Ray (who took the bus down from New York and will be here til Friday):

Look, we’re not saying we’re good photographers. World, listen to us: our job is to BE photographed! How did this happen that we’re taking photos of each other’s with my circa 1997 digital camera? OTHER people are supposed to do that and then email us impossibly flattering photos of ourselves. If you have a degree in a subject that ends in the word “theory,” come along and “other” us.

To conclude, here are some things I have learned so far:

  • Free red beans and rice with two-drink minimum is a fantastic policy for a bar. Several times throughout Monday night, I’d see someone look over at someone else’s food and say “Rrr, one more drink and that’ll be free!” (I’m pretty sure you could buy two drinks for less than the price of buying the red beans and rice outright)
  • In DC, many streets are named with letters and numbers, which implies a logical grid system. There is, in fact, a logical grid system. However, if you are accustomed to New York’s different but also logical grid system, in which, for instance, if you go west on E 42nd St, it will turn into W 42nd St., you will be very disappointed when you, in your Ford Taurus rental, drive east on 12th St NW hoping to get to 12th St NE.
  • Even burlesque dancers’ areolas are not immune from body makeup.


"your mistress coughs blood"

March 21, 2005

Molly Crabapple has created a quiz: Which Victorian stereotype are you?

queen bee owns up to spelling gaffes

February 9, 2005

There’s no better way to find out who’s reading your blog than to misspell something. Thanks to Spelling Megan and Grumpy German for the correction.

Molly, my dearest, you are delectable. Not “deletable.” I would never delete you. That would be ignominious.

Megan, incidentally, was wearing an utterly awesome bumblebee t-shirt at the spelling bee. It was so bee-spirited.

Last night’s bee had the most contestants ever — with seventeen people, we really had to truck on those words. Tom the Gaffer won, although I can’t remember any of the words he spelled (only the joke he made about the word “proclitic,” which doesn’t mean what you think it does).

a new photo of Molly and me