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Video: What Philosophy Majors Do After College

December 13, 2010

Here is a clip from my one-woman show, What Philosophy Majors Do After College. This bit is about my stint as an egg donor (a popular profession for the more fecund of philosophy grads).

Just prior to this clip, I had lost my job and was wondering how on earth a philosophy grad could even make rent.

Jennifer Dziura on Egg Donation in “What Philosophy Majors Do After College” from Jennifer Dziura on Vimeo.

This is a clip from later in the show, in a segment called “Problems in Philosophy”:

Jennifer Dziura on Trolley Ethics in “What Philosophy Majors Do After College” from Jennifer Dziura on Vimeo.

Williamsburg Spelling Bee on the Recession Activities Blog

May 18, 2009

The History of Western Philosophy, at Dartmouth

June 17, 2008

A classic, but this time in a tiny toga. Go here to bring “What Philosophy Majors Do After College” to your, well … college.

Video from Pete’s Candy Store, May 19th

May 30, 2008

Featuring Jen Dziura coming out against leggings, Becky Yamamoto appearing as the character “Fuktard,” and sets from Alex Grubard, Mark Normand, and Giulia Rozzi.

Monday Evening Stand-Up at Pete’s: May 5th video

May 20, 2008

Starring Sean Donnelly, Cody Hess, Taylor Williamson, Scout Durwood, and Duncan Wilder Johnson.

p.s. – Don’t forget the Chelsea Market Vocabulary Tournament tomorrow! Featuring the musical virtuosity of Adira Amram.

Video from Chelsea Mind Games

April 25, 2008

Monday Evening Stand-Up: Feb. 25th

March 3, 2008

Featuring Stacia Jensen, R.G. Daniels, Joselyn Hughes, and D.C. Pierson.

As you can see, at this past show I’m more blathering about the election than doing that thing some people call “telling jokes,” but if you make it past me, all four of the comics on this video have really sweet little clips, ending with D.C. Pierson (who is very white) claiming to be “2007’s Top Urban Comic as Awarded by Cat Fancy Magazine.”

“How Not to Date” at Pete’s Candy Store

February 19, 2008

Here is me doing a little reading from How Not to Date.

Ever since we started videotaping these Pete’s shows, I have had to buy a new $12 breast-enhancing shirt at Strawberry every Monday.

Monday Evening Stand-Up: our latest video

February 11, 2008

From the Monday, January 14th show at Pete’s, starring Jess Wood, Rena Zager, Lisa Kaplan, Rebecca Ciletti, and Will Franken.

Williamsburg Spelling Bee Theme Song

January 25, 2008

This is my first-ever internet singing video:

I make no claims to being a singer; I wrote the lyrics to the song, my co-host bobbyblue composed the music, and for the first several seasons he sang it alone, until finally he demanded that I join him. I am also shaking egg-shakers.

Monday Evening Stand-Up at Pete’s

January 21, 2008

Last Monday’s video features Melissa Surach, Brooke Van Poppelin, Tom Myers, Dave O’Gara, and Brad Aldous, as well as me reading my piece, “A Representative Pastiche of the 61 Replies I Received to My Room-Rental Offer on Craigslist.”

No, I mean my Mom REALLY likes panda bears

December 31, 2007

With a great debt of gratitude to my mother for giving me permission to post this:

This is what it’s like visiting the Dziura household for Christmas. Oh, and also we drink the blood of Christian children, but that’s not in the video (just pandas).

Dec 3rd comedy show at Pete’s Candy Store

December 9, 2007

I have come to understand that, in our modern media age, that which is not recorded, edited to perfection, and broadcast to as many people as possible didn’t really happen. Thus, your grandparents never existed, and “The Hills” is the pinnacle of Western Civilization.

In deference to this brave new world, I have arranged for a small crew of attractive young becamera’d men to follow me around and put shows like this one on the internet, in attractively abridged format, for your viewing pleasure and consequent laughing.

December 3rd at Pete’s: Starring Paul Oddo, Raquel D’Apice, John Knefel, RG Daniels, and Cody Hess.


Mideast tour: Blake and Andrew

September 26, 2007

Apropos to my last post, on the victory of earnestness over irony among our armed forces, here is something I am delighted to have taped.

At Camp L.S.A., Kuwait, two young soldiers stood out in the crowd because they showed up after I’d already begun my set, and because they had bothered to go back to their tents and change into civilian clothes. One even had bleached-out hair — they looked good, but a bit out of place. I teased them a bit from the stage, and when they came through the autograph line, they told us they made music, and asked if, should they go to their tents and retrieve their guitars, we would sign them.

That turned into this:

They performed two songs for us. Andrew, on the left, was charmingly nervous. I later received a MySpace message from Blake — his profile says he’s just 20! I know these young men have important and difficult jobs to do, but seriously: could boys get any cuter?

Blake and Andrew are thinking of moving to Nashville once they get out of the service. They don’t have a band name yet. Perhaps they are taking suggestions?

I have kept in touch and offered to find them a place to play when they come to New York, perhaps in January. I am inviting all my lady friends.

The delighted audience. Comics rarely finish doing a show…
and then get a show done back for them.

Andrew, Blake, and the girls in the USO.
Note the signed guitars.
The USO at Camp LSA was an air-conditioned oasis full of IKEA couches on an otherwise bleak desert base. (Even though it all looks very nice, keep in mind one still has to leave the tent and walk 50 yards through 125-degree heat to get to the latrines). Note the psychedelic decorating scheme — somehow the USO has co-opted the imagery of the Vietnam protest movement to provide today’s troops with the nicest tent in all of Kuwait.

Eventually, Blake and Andrew’s superior officers made us wrap it up — after all, it was nearly 9:30.

Mideast tour: Comedy at Camp Arafjan

September 26, 2007

This recording starts mid-joke, but it’s pretty decent for a digital camera in an outdoor setting. This was actually from the first day of the tour, 8/23, in Kuwait.

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