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Press about Jennifer Dziura:

Press about The Williamsburg Spelling Bee (of which singer bobbyblue and Jennifer are the organizers):


“Pop Intellectual” – The Apiary

“Dziura seems completely sincere in her defense of precise word usage. She…has the hipster-smarty-pants credential of hosting the Williamsburg Spelling Bee.” – Williamsburg/Greenpoint Arts + News

“After three years of running “Monday Night Stand-Up,” a live comedy show at Pete’s Candy Store in Williamsburg, she’s reaching even more neighborhoods through television.” – The Brooklyn Paper

“This actor/comedian takes lazy lexicographers to task. Better spell-check that love letter.” – Time Out New York

“Thanks for making smart and pedantic both cool & hot.”- Jordan Auslander

“[Boyfriend] made me go to [name of comedy club] last night and I feel like I’ve been gang-raped by lepers. [Semi-famous comedian] was there and he sucked twelve degrees. Saying ‘c*nt’ isn’t a substitute for wit. What you’re doing at Pete’s is so much better than that dank, sp*rm-reeking, sad, pauncy ex-frat boy shit. You should take over [name of comedy club], knock some windows into the wall, put booze into the drinks and make it a home for smart funny pople. Okay, just had to say you rock and they suck.”- Jen’s totally biased best friend Molly Crabapple

“I FINALLY got your CD. ‘I’m Minneapolis and You’re St. Paul’ … I was literally in tears with that one. I think I almost died. ‘You always sucked at Scrabble.’ Dear god, you’re funny. 9 to 5 is fucking brilliant. I don’t really know WHY, but my favorite part of MILK is ‘It’s 2 percent!’. Thanks for the laughs, Jen, and please, please, please for the love of God, come to Denver!” – Jasen Candelaria

“Jen is awesome. As Jen says, pigeons should not be sold at a pet store. Okay, you need to see her perform her punchline…it’s worth it. We need to get her on a Mintyfresh show!” – Shawn Hollenbach, Comedian

“Jen’s tongue is a Tommy Gun of intelligence and wit. Her shows will leave you numb… in your pants.” – Joshua Grosvent, Comedian

“Jen Dziura is a gifted author, a commanding performer and a total dish.” -Schaffer the Darklord

“Jen’s professionalism makes her a reliable asset to any project. Plus she’s got the fiercest walk this side of the river!”- Alessandra Genovese, The Girdle Factory

“Hey there Jennifer, I used to read your columns back when you were the teen columnist for the Virginian-Pilot. I write for the Daily Press in Newport News (you probably already figured that out from my e-mail address) and my wife writes for the Pilot. She’s a sportswriter, but back when you were writing your columns she was a features copyeditor. I remember once reading one of your columns (I think it was the one when you went to a medium or a palm reader or a Tarot card reader, whoever it was who told you that you were involved in a love triangle) and telling my wife that you wrote a really good column, and my wife told me, “The amazing thing is, her columns are so well-written and so clean that they hardly need any editing.” I was impressed. A lot of newspapers employ “teen columnists,” but the work that appears in the paper is so heavily edited and reworked that it bears little resemblance to what the columnist actually turned in. Vicki assured me that your columns were, indeed, your columns.At some point, I made a mental note that I wanted to keep up with your writing career. I remember a story in the Pilot several years ago about how you had started up some sort of internet business. Anyway, the other day, for whatever reason, I got to wondering if you were still writing for newspapers and I punched your name into Google and ran across I was so happy to see that you’re still involved in writing, and reading the blogs was great. Having enjoyed your wit and your sensibilities for a long time, I am sure that your live comedy work is fantastic. (And, OK, lest this observation be conspicuous for its absence, the photos are great.) Hope life and the Big Apple are treating you well. Keep up the great work!” – Mike Holtzclaw, Newport News, Va.

Fans of Dziura’s popular live quiz shows could enjoy her trademark wit and enthusiasm for epistemology. Through the teachings of over a dozen famous philosophers (whose ponderings were illustrated via slides of pop culture icons), Dziura shared the key stages of her life that define her today…. Dziura’s topic is relatable to most floundering twenty-somethings, especially those of us who decided not to be brokers. Her show has substance, heart, and rapid-fire laughs. It’s a gripping college lecture without a windbag professor. – Abbi Crutchfield for The Apiary