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The Jenny Vaudeville Show

The Jenny Vaudeville Show took place monthly in 2005 and 2006 at Pete's Candy Store, also the location of the Williamsburg Spelling Bee. The show was booked and emceed by Jennifer Dziura, a.k.a. Jenny Vaudeville, and featured musical comedy, ventriloquism, magic, and all manner of charming weirdness, plus trivia, literary, and other audience participation contests. The show is currently on hiatus while Jen is touring and writing, but is seeking an eventual new home.

The Jenny Vaudeville Show
Wednesday February 8th, 2006
Pete's Candy Store
709 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg

In February! Featuring:
  • Comedic Mexican wrestler El Orangina
  • Burlesque star The World Famous *BOB* (pictured)
  • Monolgue artist Syd Bernstein
  • Old-timey music from Al Duvall
  • Adira Amram!
  • Plus, as always. prizes for audience-participation contests in trivia, math tricks, and "guess the author"!

Directions to Pete's: Take the L train to the second stop in Brooklyn, Lorimer. Exit at the head of the train, and walk along Lorimer in the direction of the BQE. Pete's is 1.5 blocks past the BQE, on your left. 709 Lorimer Street, between Frost and Richardson Streets. (718) 302-3770.

Recap of September's show, with pictures and music clips

Recap of October's show - pictures and text by Brian Van

November's recap, with blurry Treo photos

December's recap, in which Jenny V. poses as Wonder Woman

Read about the history of vaudeville



For more information, please contact
Jennifer Dziura

*The Jenny Vaudeville show celebrates New York's neo-vaudeville revival*

Williamsburg - The Jenny Vaudeville show will take place July 13 (and next on August 10, and every second Wednesday of the month) at Pete's Candy Store located at 709 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, beginning at 10:00 PM. There is a two-drink minimum and no cover charge.

While the burlesque revival in New York has become a local media darling, New York's neo-vaudeville revival is just getting its footing. However, live variety shows are popping up all over the city in locations like Bowery Poetry Club and the Lower East Side's Apocalypse Lounge.

June's Jenny Vaudeville lineup featured comic ventriloquist Carla Rhodes, esoteric magician Eric Walton, and musical guest Teen Tawny, a mohawked, beglittered, faux "Southern regional teen pop sensation" who performs in white six-inch platform boots, and the comic emceeing of Jenny Vaudeville.

The show also features a monthly literary "guess the author" game and other audience participation contests including trivia, spelling backwards, spelling words to a tune, and "guess the author." Prizes include CDs and merchandise from the performers.

Vaudeville, which had its heydey from the 1860s to the mid-1920s, has deep roots in New York. According to The Encyclopedia of New York City, "After the Astor Place Riot of 1849 entertainment in New York City was divided along class lines: opera was chiefly for the upper middle and upper classes, minstrel shows and melodramas for the middle class, variety shows in concert saloons for men of the working class and the slumming middle class. Vaudeville was developed by entrepreneurs seeking higher profits from a wider audience" -- in other words, to make variety more upscale. Even so, vaudeville was a great equalizer -- it allowed women, uneducated immigrants, and the poor to earn a solid living through entertainment in a time when few other fields could offer as much.

Not unlike their modern counterparts, classic variety show bill held eight acts -- including singers, comedians, animal acts, mind readers, strong men, contortionists, and freak acts -- each ten to fifteen minutes long. However, while old-time vaudeville was held in "respectable" theaters and purged of any offensive language or material so as to be suitable to family audiences, neo-vaudeville shows make their home in the bar scene, where a two-drink minimum is the norm.

Jenny Vaudeville is a stage name of Jennifer Dziura, a comedian and writer best known for emceeing the Williamsburg Spelling Bee, which has been featured in the New York Times style section and on Good Morning America.

Pete's Candy Store is located at 709 Lorimer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Dziura maintains a popular blog and an events schedule at


Email Jennifer at jen [at]